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me-google-plus-picHey there, I’m Eric, a licensed CPA in the State of Illinois.  I’ve spent the better part of my career in public accounting (both with a Big 4 firm and a smaller local firm).

One thing I took for granted during this time of my career was the ample opportunity to obtain CPE credits at no cost.  After all, these firms wanted me to be actively licensed, and were more than happy to either pay for my CPE or offer internal seminars that qualified for CPE credits.

When I left public accounting, I had a devastating realization: I was on my own for CPE.  When I found that CPE credits can cost upwards of $75-150 per credit hour, I was shocked.  Are you telling me that, in order to get the 120 required hours each 3-year period, I would need to potentially spend up to $18,000? Ouch.

But then, I discovered free CPE.

Not a lot of it, at least, not at first.  But when I started researching and digging some more, I found there was a whole world of free CPE.  Nearly enough for me to meet my 120 hour requirement without ever spending a dime.

During this search, I did find a few websites that compiled a few different sources of free CPE credits, but nothing that seemed comprehensive.  No “one stop shop” for all the free CPE online.

So, I created it.  And that’s where you’re at today: CPEforFree.com.   I hope you enjoy, and please do drop me a line if there’s a free CPE source you’re aware of that I don’t have listed here.


Eric the CPA